The Lingering Sore Throat (Chronic Pharyngitis)

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Persisting or recurrent sore throat can indicate a number of conditions, most of which are very curable.  Acute pharyngitis is a sore throat that appears and can last up to a month before fully resolved.  It is usually the result of infection – viral, bacterial, or rarely fungal (candida yeast).  Acute pharyngitis might be tested to make sure it is not Streptococcal, which needs antibiotic treatment to prevent possible rheumatic fever.  Viral pharyngitis is usually allowed to run its course, treating only with comfort medications.  The rare sore throat or mouth caused by a yeast infection needs further testing to make sure it is not a sign of something more serious.

Chronic pharyngitis is often more difficult to treat.  When a sore throat last more than a few weeks it should be investigated by an Ear Nose & Throat doctor.  The most common cause is a persistent infection of the tonsils (if they are still there of course!).  Usually a prolonged antibiotic course is prescribed to try and “really kill the infection.”  When this doesn’t work, and when the sore throats are interfering with the patient’s life enough, surgery may be considered to remove the tonsils and greatly improve the problem.
Another cause of chronic sore throat is cancer, which I know is very scary to think about.  Smoking as well as human papillomavirus infections (HPV) are associated with tonsil and throat cancers.  They can usually be found by the doctor’s exam or perhaps a simple endoscopy procedure.
A newer diagnosis undergoing a lot of research lately is eosinophilic esophagitis, an allergy-like inflammation in the esophagus that can lead to chronic sore throat and acid-reflux-like symptoms.  Often food is a trigger to the allergy.  This usually requires a careful exam and endoscopy to diagnose.
Finally, probably the most common cause of mild chronic sore throat is acid reflux from the stomach up to the throat, called laryngo-pharyngeal reflux.  This leads to a feeling of a “lump in the throat”, fluctuating hoarseness, and chronic throat clearing.  Often an acid blocking medication may be given for a 6-week trial to see if the symptoms resolve.  Of course, good dietary choices have a lot to do with stomach acid flare ups.

The above is a short list of causes to what is sometimes a complicated and frustrating problem.  Remember to have severe or long lasting sore throats checked out, most of the time a cure is simple!

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  1. I have had a sore throat for over a year now. i have already had my tonsils out, eat pretty healthy, and don’t smoke. also, most fooed allerges have been ruled out. I have been to several doctors, and they can’t really find anything. Some have said it couls be bacterial or fungal or viral, and have perscribed medications for all these. Nothing works. If anyone has any advice, it would be appreciated, its really driving me nuts, making me very depressed and tired as well.

    • Hi my name Rio I m a chef I have this problem 15 years ago never have again since I stop have everything content sugar, pork product , processing food , cans food ,ect …. I use honey and drink fresh juice , ect …..
      sometime I have sore throat lose my voice , also my sister , my friends have
      these problems I told them to get one of the wonderful herbs that you can buy from super market ,dried Sage , & thyme I use sage tea for sore throat , just gargle in the mouth as long as you can and drink slowly bit by bit ,
      and drink thyme tea twice a day , thyme is natural antibiotic also killed fugal
      ect…. try may be can help.
      all the best.

  2. my situation is very similar. I’ve had mine for seven months. i’ve heard all that you were told and its driving me crazy. please update as sso as there is anything to share

    • I have had a sore throat for six months. It is really bothering my to the point that I can’t sleep at night. Is there anything that I can do besides going to a doctor? I have tried chamomile tea with lemon juice. Not eating after six pm and antacids… What now?

  3. I´m in the same situation, i´ve had sore throat for 2 years, and they always try to treat refluz also antibiotics and nothing has worked. I was seeing a Ear Nose & Throat doctor but now i´m going to consult a gastroenterologist and maybe the endoscopy can help. Also is driving me crazy.

  4. i have pharyngitis and it is lasting for almost one and a half month.
    i am very curious to this situation,i don’t know what to do and i don’t know either what is the cause. how could you help me with this stuff?i need some effective advices to treat this.

  5. Wow an I thought I was the only one that felt depressed sore throat for two years ows inflammation of throat and nose lymph nodes, but I get why is everyone frustrated I’m in the same situation can’t really enjoy life sometimes but what helps me alot is take a warm shower every night before going to sleep breathing the moist air really opens your airways and helps with the throat inflammation too also breathing from vapor air helps alot

  6. same here. Painful sore throat for 3 years. Recently I’ve been having trouble breathing, especially when exercising. Feels like the air is having a hard time passing through my inflamed throat. Tried PPIs(omeprazole), have seen gastroenterologist and several ENT doctors. Had a upper GI endoscopy recently. Everything came back ok, negative for H. pylori. This sucks…if anyone has any ideas please let me know!

    I’m currently trying aloe juice (Lily of the valley – inner fillet), apple cider vinegar, refrigerated probiotics, fish oil, daily vitamin, exercise. I’m off the omeprazole and sleeping on a pillow wedge. No relief in my throat thus far, but my reflux has calmed down a bit.

    Going to attempt a bland diet for a few weeks. Any other ideas are appreciated!

  7. suffering from sore throat and swollen lymph nodes from past two months already visited 4 ENT specialists each of them is prescribing amoxicillin antibiotics with acidity regulators still no relief now my carotid as well as thyroid gland has swollen .don’t know what to do. situation is get more complicated day after day .now i am getting depressed some plz help me out with their suggestion

    • Go and visit your favorite of those four ENTs, or the first one you went to, and find out: 1) why not remove the tonsils? and 2) why not remove the largest of the swollen lymph nodes? If your lymph nodes truly have been swollen that long then (I think) you really do need tissue sampling.

    • You may have over active thyroid. Good luck!

  8. I believe we could all have a new virus. Likely coxsackie b, I know of two others who have been sick for many months with sore throats, I’ve personally been sick since beginning of July. My symptoms are sore throat, lightheaded, fatigue and occasionally headaches. I’ve seen 3 ENT drs and a gastrointestinal dr as well as two regular practitioners and they are all baffled. After 4 rounds of antibiotics I now have had to deal with too much candida in my stomach on top of the sore throat. I’m planning to get tested using elisa for the virus, but have to ask the dr if I have this virus as a chronic virus is there anything I can dio about it? Lately my heart is beating really fast even if I just go for a walk, and back in July I was in great shape, mountain biking regularly. Everywhere I read I see that there is no cure for this virus :(

    • Thanks Jan for your experience. Viruses are a convenient diagnosis for mysterious illness. However what makes them appealing as an explanation basically relies on their staying mysterious. We have poor ability to “see” viruses, especially ones that have never been seen before. This gap in observation allows us to pin blame on viruses for practically any symptom we wish (because it can never be refuted that an undescribed virus is the cause). Medicine has yet to explain many cases of chronic pain, fatigue, depression, etc etc etc. As a society we also (wrongfully) hold a premise that illnesses that are not directly mediated by something extrinsic (bacteria, viruses, chemical exposure, trauma) are somehow the fault of the patient and that the patient is somehow cognitively/emotionally inferior. Filling gaps in in our understanding by saying a “virus” has caused the problem satisfies our desires for an extrinsic cause.

      However, I think in the vast majority of viral claims we are only doing harm by perpetuating this hypothesized mythology. The harm is done by encouraging treatment delay of what we know underlying contributors to be. Study after study shows that chronic fatigue, depression, and pain are best treated with neurotropic medications, talk therapy, and physical exercise. When a magic antiviral pill comes along with some real evidence, I will be among the first to prescribe, I assure.

      • I think you are pretty stupid and self riotous. Where do you get off minimizing our sore throats that we all cannot get rid of and no doctor can diagnose? Everyone’s main complaint on here is sore throat. The fatigue and depression are side affects of that. I have had this for nine months now and like Jan I was in great shape a year ago and now I can barely hold down a job. Don’t tell me I’m looking for a magic pill in a virus or its all in my head. How dare you.

    • Jan,

      I’ve recently started eating GLUTEN FREE. I would highly recommend this to anyone having these issues. Gluten is a protein in wheat, rye and barley that many people have trouble digesting. There are a few theories on how this has started, but the leading ones are:

      1. It’s genetic
      2. Wheat was cross-bread in the 1950s during the green revolution to make it heartier, and one side effect has been that it is also harder to digest
      3. Giving kids too many antibiotics (I think I fall into this one particularly. My parents gave me antibiotics every time I had a fever when I was younger)

      I have had the same problems as many people on here – chronic sore throat for 3+ years, constant fatigue (I’ve recently been prescribed 20 mg of adderall/day, and I still barely make it through the day), out of breath after running up the stairs (I was doing triathlons not too long ago), knots in my back, lactose intolerance (one of the first symptoms of gluten intolerance), depression, acid reflux (gluten can cause acid reflux. If you go to an ENT complaining of a sore throat, this is one of the first things they suggest and is often misdiagnosed gluten intolerance), eating an insane amount of food but not gaining any weight (gluten intolerance leads to malabsorbtion so your body demands more nourishment), etc.

      I as well have tried everything (some doctor ordered some my own attempts) – antibiotics, omeprazole, changing my diet, probiotics, aloe vera juice, vitamins, sleeping on a foam wedge, elevating my bed, you name it. I have seen 4 ENTs, a gastroenterologist, 3 family doctors, a speech therapist, etc. The list goes on and on.

      My sister was diagnosed as high risk for celiac about 2 years ago, and I didn’t think much of it as far as it relating to my symptoms. However, it was so intense for her it literally drove her insane. She was in a mental institution for a month, and the doc was saying she had some kind of crazy mental imbalance. She saw a holistic doctor who suggested going gluten free and testing for celiac. She tested as high risk (I don’t know the exact diagnosis) for gluten intolerance and has since been eating gluten free and feels 100% better now. It is absolutely amazing, and I am still almost in disbelief. I thought my sister was an insane, suicidal, schizophrenic for a little while – it was scary. I caught her in the kitchen trying to kill herself with a handful of tylenol. I cannot believe WHEAT BREAD almost cost me my sister.

      Please, anyone who is on here having these symptoms please try going GLUTEN FREE! It’s worth it. Here’s a quick link for more info:

      The problem is this issue is just recently coming into the mainstream medical community in the U.S., and most doctors here aren’t looking for it yet.

      -good luck everyone

      • Wow, I’m glad your sister was finally diagnosed correctly for gluten intolerance. It sounds like she went through a lot.
        My wife is allergic to gluten, but for the longest time, no doctor could figure out what was causing her pain.
        She had to endure years of tests and specialists and wrong diagnoses and even one doctor who was making fun of her and saying she was being a BABY!
        And yes, some family members where beginning to think it was a MENTAL issue.
        Some doctors were telling her to remove part of her intestines and stomach?! Another said she and IBS and there was nothing they could do even though she would wake and scream from the pain in her stomach.

        NOT ONE regular doctor even suggested it could be gluten, NOT ONE out of about 15. Luckly, I became friends with a co-worker who’s brother happen to be a Doctor of Integrative Medicine and a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. In the past I would have never considered seeing such a doctor but we were running out of options. I’m glad I made an appointment for my wife.
        Within FIVE MINUTES he knew what it was, gluten intolerance.
        Within a couple of days of her eating gluten free, her symptoms all got better. Now, she feels great and also vindicated because of all the people who thought she was exaggerating her pain.

        I’ve had a weak sore throat for over a year now. I usually wake-up with some crap in my throat. It’s more annoying than anything else but I want to get rid of it. After reading that you are going gluten-free, I think I’m going to give it a try. I have no known effects to gluten but you never know what really going on inside.

  9. hi all! I have a sore throat for 17 months. had my tonsils removed, hoped by taking them out the sore throat would get better : BAD IDEA!!!! after the tonsilectomy & adenoidectomy and septum repair my Immune system crashed completely. I had Epiglotitis aswell – thought I was going to die – could not breath or swallow. I had a thyroid scan that showed that my thyroid was enlarged and hed lesions on, yet the blood tests for THS and thyroid antibodies was normal. the ENT doc said that that might be the reason for the pain in my throat. Later on I was Diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chostocondritis – an all docters said the sore throat is because of these syndromes. I also had a pharangendescopy – whick resulted in nothing, but still the sore throat didn’t get better. Luckily I found an alternative doctor that took a swab way down in my throat – cultivated it and sure as hell: candida fungal infection in my lower throat and lungs! an meds for a month then go back for a second swab to see if it has been cleared.
    Personally I think apart from the candida, that my thyroid is the main problem and hope the doc would send me for a thyroid CT / MRI, My worst fear is throught or thyroid cancer.
    As you can see, there is a lot of things wrong with my physical health, but spiritually I am strong, for I trust in God tha Almighty to heal all of us – no matter what ever disease on infection we have, cause by the blood of Jesus we were healed – by His stripes we WERE healed : we just have to believe and take it!
    Bless all of you and hope all of our sore throats will clear up in the most magnificant way!!!

  10. Hi I’m Shanna I’m 31 and very scared now after reading the comments on here my throat.has bothered me now for about four yrs constant irritation in my throat I been going to different doctor’s for yrs and I was allways told that I was fine and recently went and I explained and he gave me a referral and said something about a scope and a diagnosis called chronic pharyngitis I had to do my own research I’ve been eating a lot maybe for about a month and now its changed to barely eating I been so out of breath so tired and depressed when funny on tv I can’t laugh that long without coughing my appointment is a month away and even more worried because I see I can go through surgery and still can have problems I’ve recently had my thyroids checked and that’s fine nuy

  11. guess I have had all of the symptoms and discomfort all of you have
    expressed, but mostly the frustration of not know’g what the problem is.
    from sore throat, dry cough, hard to swallow, etc. . can’t even enjoy
    a cup of coffee w/o a reaction of tightening of throat and seeming
    hard to swallow. a glass of wine goes down like a bunch of razor
    blades. have seen the gastro, internist and the ENT with all of the
    mri’s, scans and exrays and nothing shows. would be nice to enjoy
    the old life style!

  12. I’m very stressed out I have this dull sorenes in the lower part of my throat. Usaully it flares up in the morning when I first wake up. I’m so scared it can be cancer. I just don’t have insurance nor the money to go to a doctor.

  13. Hi,
    I’ve had problems with my throat for as long as I can remember, I’m 19 now. It is constantly sore and I started having breathing problems a couple of years ago because my tonsils were so swollen. I decided to have my tonsils removed (with laser). I can see now that it probably wasn’t the best solution, because it didn’t remove my left tonsil completely. I keep getting infections. I had strep throat this summer, but waited two weeks before I went to the doctor because I thought it was just “normal” sore throat. I got a three day cure of antibiotics to treat it, but when I went to the doctor my throat was already getting better, so I can’t really tell if it helped or not. It was almost like it healed itself.
    I think I might have chronic strep throat or as you’re describing chronic pharyngitis. I will get it checked out, but I live in Norway and I can’t say the doctors are the best here. Thanks for the information, I will bring this to my doctor for sure!

  14. Mrs. Angela J Dollaway

    I have had chronic sore throats for years. I thought once my tonsils were removed several years ago these would end… NOT they’re still here. When I’m hurt in do bad and go in its never strept throat.. Uuggghhh wish something or somebody could help me…

  15. Rachel Mauffray

    I have suffered with a chronic sore throat for approximately eight years. I do not have an answer but only a few suggestions for temporary relief. I have found that drinking “Lotus” tea helps tremendously. Steep it as long as possible before drinking, especially before going to bed. I found it at an Asian market. It isn’t the most pleasant tasting tea but it’s worth it for some relief. I also find that slippery elm throat lozenges help too. They are not expensive and can be found on the internet. I know these are only temporary band aids but some relief from a relentless throat pain is better than nothing. I hope that I’ve helped someone.

  16. Sore throat since January of 2013. I thought it was a sinus infection and had a ten day course of antibiotics to treat it. It never entirely left and in February I have all of the same exact issues again and took a 14 day antibiotic prescription. It is now March 23, and guess what’s back to visit me again?? My PC doc told me it ‘s viral but who knows?? I don’t smoke or live around smokers and cigarette smoke exposure usually causes me to develop sinus infections. I have no idea what to do at this point, is it viral or bacterial??? Who knows!

  17. Something is wrong. On the right side of my throat when I swallow it is very painfull had a sinus infection in October have had this lingering sore throat for a while now but over the last month it comes and goes very painfull when I swallow also having headaches I moved into an old house that had asbestos and mold could it be that or perhaps something else going on please help I am scared.

  18. My Mom now 85 yrs old has had this for two years. Still no real answer. She did a simple swallowing test and showed she had spinal bone spurs pushing into her throat. She has a horrible time eating and now only weights 83 lbs. I have moved in with her and the stress for both of us is over whelming. Thanks for all of the sharing of experiences and idea’s above. We will try gluten free diet now.

  19. I also have a sore throat now for about one month – with no other symptoms or sickness to go along with it.

    I suspect there is one thing that everybody is overlooking — the Chemtrail spraying program that is being conducted overhead in most every populated area in the country (and a good portion of the world). To those who are unfamiliar with this topic, or who are quick to dismiss anything beyond what your belief system is ready to accept, please do some hard research. A good place to start is the website … or on YouTube (see: “What in the World are They Spraying?”; “Why in the World are They Spraying”; and/or any of the lectures given at the 2012 Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails conference).

    With throat and respiratory illnesses on the rise (please see, for example:, and an active spraying program currently being conducted over our heads, I’m confident that those out there with open minds will be able to see a possible, if not highly likely, connection.

  20. Funny. Everybody hushed after marcxstar’s comment. I’ve been to multiple sites trying to get some input on this sore throat thing that I and many others have been experiencing in So Cal. I’m beginning to think it’s in the air folks. Doctors will give you drugs galore, take out your tonsils and send you home with the same problem. I’m seeking ways to self treat. Lately I’ve noticed licorice tea, lots of water during the day and prayers seem to improve the condition. Wishing the best to all of us.

  21. Wow, this is uncanny. I have had a sore throat for a few months. Some days much more pronounced than others. I do get occasional headaches, but I don’t know if that’s in any way associated with the soar throats. I took a 5 day Zpack, and it didn’t do anything, which makes me think it’s not bacterial. It is especially pronounced on the left side of my throat. Some days the pain is on the back part of my tongue, not just on the throat part itself. Usually always near or on the tonsils too, not the throat part where post nasal drip would be running down if there were any. Lastly, the actual tissue doesn’t look the best. It’s not white or pussy like when you get back strep, it’s just red and looks kinda irritated. I’m in my 30s and very healthy otherwise. Probably only get a cold about once a year, eat very healthy and workout 5 times a week. I will say, i probably don’t get enough sleep, only about 6-7 hours a night because I am busy with school and work. Hope someone figures this out. It is an interesting hypothesis that it could be some virus. I looked up this blog because that actor dude said he got throat cancer from oral sex. HPV and yeast infections are possible suspects for this. I wonder if a strain of HPV could be causing this, and if it’s communicable through kissing.

    • Just to answer your question: Yes, you can get HPV from kissing but i believe you would have known if you had it because its side effects are more obvious and yes, being Michael Douglas you probably have so much sex its almost impossible to not catch an STD of some sort.

      The doctors i visited told me straight up that if i had cancer i would most likely know it after a few months and that oral cancer symptoms don’t usually come and go. Trust me, I have very similar issues as you do and i’m as baffled as you are.

  22. I have also been suffering from a sore throat for the past 4 months.
    It all started after getting really sick and since then it has never gone away. First, it was a tight throat sensation when swallowing. Then it was throat pain on right side. Then its clicking sensation on the right side next to adams apple when swallowing. And all the time throughout the 4 months, slight pain outside of my neck on the right side(mild lemphadenitis).

    I had multiple ENT visits, 2x laryngoscopies, ultrasound, several rounds of antibiotics. So far no clear answer, just that i have some kind of infection and that i have no signs of something serious. I even asked them for the possibility of allergies, acid reflux and other conditions and they were dismissive.

    Its not that it hurts too much. Its that most doctors don’t really care what you’ve got and say that it needs its time. 4 months sore throat not enough time? I can’t even imagine how people feel having it for years.

  23. I know, this is just so miserable. I have the same problem too. I got a cold and then some other viral infection in my throat and for over 2 months now I’ve had a constant sore throat. The rest of me feels absolutely fantastic, but I feel like I have a cold only because of my throat. It’s always worse in the evening. I was told by an ENT it’s LPR and I’m taking prevacid and instituted lots of diet changes. No smoking, not overweight, in my 30’s. I love wine but I have not had any alcohol in over a month. Sometimes it’s tolerable during the day, other times it’s really depressing to be uncomfortable. I fear one day it could become terrible and interfere with eating or breathing. I get swollen glands on and off, but they don’t stay. I pray we all find an answer for this. I am going to go see a naturopathy myself. It’s expensive, but if it helps it will be soooo worth it.

  24. I am so happy to find this website. I too have had a sore throat for over a month. Some days it’s bad and some days just “scratchy.” Three doctors and lots of antibiotics and throat sprays so far. I’ve also noticed that a glass of red wine irritates my throat. It started off as a throat infection, got a little better and is now lingering. It gives me a dry cough during the day and I often wake up coughing during the night. So far I’ve just seen a general doctor, but now after reading all this, I’ll go to an ENT. I’m curious though, is anyone taking any meds? I was prescribed Lipitor nine months ago and have been secretly blaming that. One of the side effects is a sore throat. There simply has to be some reason for all this and for so many others experiencing this too. I’m a very active person and healthy in most every other way. We hike, travel and ride our horses.

    • Just like you, my sore throat began from a throat infection and has been lingering ever since(about 6 months so far). It seems that red wine irritates my throat as well but beer does not. I have not had alcohol for 2 weeks and nothing has changed. Also, i have been having a dairy free died for the last 2 weeks as well to see if it changes anything. So far, no clear signs on what it is apart from the fact that i have a runny nose which could imply that sinus drainage has not let my throat heal and has been irritating it ever since. As odd as it may seem, it feels less irritated as i exercise. I’m planning to see an allergologist soon, since no ENT has given me a diagnosis yet.

  25. I have read, on other internet sights, that the tonsils are part of the lymph node system. When I am physically exhausted, my tonsils feel worse. (I have battled chronic sore throats starting 1996!). Nothing seems to help me except rest, plenty of water & Airborne and all natural smoothies. It boosts the immune system.

    I have been to numerous doctors. I am not better after taking antibiotics. Too much Physical stress is not good for our bodies and I think our throat is trying to warn us to rest more. A day of rest (reading/watching movies) does help some.

    I am glad I am not alone with the mystery of the constant sore throats, but feel sorry to read of your misery & suffering. Hope you awe up in perfect health.

  26. I am going through the same thing as you all, just when i think i’m over this inflammation of the throat it comes back. it’s not painful but it is staying enlarged . Antibiotics seemed to work and then 2 weeks later symptoms reappeared , but with fever or fatigue, just the enlarged pharynx/lymph nodes. I’m going to go back to ENT but really it doesn’t seem like there is much they can do.

    • I am experiencing exactly the same symptoms.My throat hurts and my glands are swollen, they give me an anti-biotic and i feel better. 3-5 days later its back. I have taken 3 different antibiotics and they each worked but then it returns.
      I am confused and concerned but so glad I founf this website.
      Has anyone found any answers since they posted here? Anyone gotten all better and stayed better?.

  27. No, most of the time it is not a simple cure. Most of the time, doctors are ignorant quacks. I’ve had a a sore throat for the past 11 months with no relief. I’ve seen over 10 different doctors in three different countries. I’ve tried diet changes, reflux medication, antibiotics, allergy medicine, supplements, neuropathological medication, months at a time and with very aggressive dosages. I get plenty of rest/vacation and have a low-stress job. I’m starting to get use to the quacks saying, “I don’t know what’s causing your sore throat.”

  28. I’ve had a sore throat and swollen lymph nodes in the neck for 2 months. It waxes and wanes. It started out like a cold or allergic reaction but quickly cleared up except for the sore throat. My doctor has prescribed antibiotics and allergy medicine, but the sore throat remains. ibuprofen helps with the pain.

  29. I’ve had a sore throat and chronic hoarsness for 3 years and like most on this thread, have tried PPI’s, diet for reflux, antibiotics, oral antifungals, allergy meds, resting voice, and been to 6-7 doctors without any relief. I’m thinking about removing tonsils, septum fixed, trying gluten free, or acupuncture, Maybe the humidifer will help. I’d love to hear from someone who has had this and beat it. Not sure if anyone has.

  30. I’ve had a constant sore throat since I can remember hitting my 20s and now I am over 30. Crazy huh. I’ve seen all possible ENT specialists with ranges from hypersensitivity to me just being a baby and one saying ‘yes I do see the inflamation and I think it will pass.’ Often I think people think I make it up but every night I have to use nosal oils to be able to sleep and use prednisolone for the inflammation but I wonder for how long I can do this. I steam every evening before going to bed which is the hardest time since it wakes me up with in the middle of the night with a hoarseness and painful dryness down my throat and nosal cavity and my ears on fire. Had an endoscopy in January and everything seemed clear except for a fungal infection which was treated and that some valve that cannot close up such that I get the acid reflux, same to my 8yr old son. I’ve tested for diabetes twice to rule out my soreness and thirst for water at night. Now we both are on anti reflux meds, propping beds up, healthy eating regime but I can’t laugh without a sudden choking feel that I have to end up coughing and choking badly sometimes even simply drinking water. I run out of breath and not in my lungs when I try to work out, just a severe tightening pain in my throat that feels as if it’s burning and swollen that I can’t breath. The headaches don’t go away and I don’t think I can have a long term intake of non steroidal pain killers, that wont be good for my kidneys in the long term. This is really frustrating. But reading this and getting a few ideas on possibility of gluten allergies and removing my tonsils eventually perhaps and more…is such a liberating feeling!

  31. Wow so many people with lingering sore throat seems bizzare. Mine started a month or so ago when after a doctors visit for something else, next day I got very sick extremely fatigued with sore throat. I realized then that I forgot to wash my hands after doctor’s visit and my doctor seemed not his normal self, like he was unwell. Obviously I caught this bug from him, sooo frustrating. (seems everytime I come out of the doctors I get sick) that is a side issue though. So the sore throat was so bizzare because it literally kept changing sides. One day it would be on the left side really painful, next day I would wake and it would be on the right. I have had many sore throats in my life but none that have merges sides continually, must be some kind of evolving virus maybe due to the overuse of antibiotics in our western society.

    Either way…its been a month and its now settled on the left side, it comes and goes, is worse at night. There is a lot of “spraying” overhead in my area and I have noticed when I see more of those my partner and i seem to get lingering respiratory issues. Like we have never had in our lives before (we are in out late 30’s) anyway who knows what the cause is but it’s something new and strange. Like a new strain or environmental.

    I think the best way is to look at boosting the immune system. That is what I am doing.

  32. I would love to know if someone has a solution for this. For me it all started in 2012. I had a severe case of appendicitis, had a huge infection, and only had it removed 3 months later. Of course I was put under massive doses of antibiotics, including after the surgery. After taking my last box of antibiotics (amoxilicin/clavulcanic acid), I started to have a persistent sore throat in the right side of my throat. Since I had many tonsillitis since a kid I didn’t take it too serious. I had antibiotics for it, but then, it returned, and AGAIN antibiotics. After like 2 months of persistent pain, I went to a ENT in May 2013. And, bang: 4 months of penicilin, AGAIN. Of course it didn’t help, and I ended up having my tonsils removed, in September. Apparentely it was all good then, but now the pain RETURNED in the same right side, my throat is red and lingers in the place where my tonsil was. God, I’m getting so frustrated! These last 2 years have been a nightmare of infections and surgeries, and I’m starting to despair.

  33. Three people I know in the Richmond, Virginia area are presently suffering from this problem. We all have been to doctors and they are unable to determine the cause. The CDC needs investigate and comment on this.

  34. I have had a chronic sore throat with a swollen right gland, constantly for years, as well. I had tonsillitis continuously as a young child, so they removed my tonsils by age 4. I have been getting worse the last 10 years. I think the person above that mentioned the wheat and yeast causing problems may be onto something. I have been reading up on, and she is a doctor that suffered from an autoimmune disease. She has done extensive research and found that many foods create inflammation in our bodies and other problems. I seem to have a ton of it. Now, I need to really get to weeding out those bad foods from my diet to see if I can feel better.

  35. I had my tonsils out many years ago so that is not the issue. I have had 3 rounds of this illness thus far. Very painful sore throat and swollen glands .Each time I was given antibiotics and while taking them i felt better.
    However after finishing the antibiotics, within a week the same symptoms come back .
    I have an appointment with an ENT on Friday .
    I am in Florida.
    Where are you all located?
    Let’s see if this is all over our country or mostly in one area.
    I spoke to my sister in NJ today and she told me a friend of hers has the same problem.Now it seems the Lord led me to this website.
    Has anyone contacted the CDC about this or had a doctor tell them this is a widespread problem?
    It helps to know I am not alone but this is a very strange thing to read that so many of us are suffering like this.
    I pray there is a logical solution and treatment .and I thank you all for sharing .

  36. I had my tonsils out at 6 years of age, adenoids out at age 50. Over the last 3 years, my ENT diagnosed me with Silent Reflux. Meaning that I have acid reflux but experienced no burning sensation as an alert. Now my larynx is burned and I keep a sore throat all of the time.
    My Gastro Dr. did a 24 hour nose wire test (YUK, don’t ever agree to doing this test!) Found that my swallowing was normal. He also did a swallow test with sonigram views that show I have “dis-motility”- which means the nerves in the esophagus do not contract in normal sequence, so food can bounce up and down before it goes into the stomach. Bottom line- I am on Nexium 2 times a day and sleeping almost sitting up- but getting no better. I am interested to see any
    developements this blog may uncover.

  37. i am a 38 year woman and i have been suffering from sore throat since june 2006 this disease was started with a serious gastric trouble ,and after then their is swelling near nesal opening in right side, inside the mouth and white patches are oftenly occur filled with pus .the problem becomes very high during pregnency .their is no respose of antibiotic drugs.i need some suggestion

  38. For the record, my ENT diagnosed me with Candida overgrowth in my throat and esophagus. Not sure how far it’s gotten, gut-wise… I read your early blog post about the Lady Soma Candida Cleanse- and within an hour of the first dose — my stomach started churning and it was off to the restroom. All I can say is, YEAH, THIS IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT. Granted, it gave me a fit of diarrhea for a few hours but I’ll take it if it means expelling these toxins from my body.

    Thank you so much for the Lady Soma recommendation! I took 2 pills, popped a probiotic, and now have finally have that horrible thing out of my throat. . .

  39. Is anyone else afraid that they will get cancer of the throat? I commented about my situation July 3rd (above). Still my throat remains sore – year after year.

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